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“As a professional writer with two decades in journalism and another two in public relations, you would think that if anybody could write a book all on their lonesome, it would be somebody like me, right? Wrong! As I often remind myself, even Faulkner and Hemingway had editors, so who am I to disagree? Working with Bonnie to bring my book to life has been transformational. She gave me three critical assets that every writer needs, regardless of whether they are a “professional” or not: Accountability, Insight and Perspective. From idea to outline, from chapter to chapter to completion, Bonnie’s steady guidance, excellent humor, and shared commitment to my success as an author made the difference between me having an idea for a book and actually completing it. I can’t say enough about the contribution Bonnie has made to the writing process for me!”

Author, Your Capital S Story

Paul Furiga

President and Chief Storyteller, WordWrite

“I’m used to telling my story, but Bonnie’s insightful questions made me think about that story in different ways. Bonnie is inquisitive in a way that made me dig deeper. The services of Gravitas Press have been worth every penny that I paid.”

Author, The Good Father

Allen Joines

CEO in Telecommunications, Retired Pastor

“Bonnie Budzowski is an amazing book coach, collaborator, and principal at Gravitas Press. Bonnie supported me in the writing of my book with her insights, wisdom, encouragement, and knowledge, assuring my book came to light. I am forever changed and grateful. I am holding my first newly published book in my hands, and it is thrilling! Gravitas Press is very professional and the process of publishing the book was seamless. If you have a book in your head and your heart, I strongly encourage you to utilize the talents and experience of Bonnie and her team.”

Author, Gourmet Leadership

Carolyn Maue

Executive Coach and Consultant, The Maue Center

“Bonnie gave me what I needed to complete an item on my bucket lists that was one that seemed on the impossible side. She took pain out of the process and was a consummate professional every step of the way.”

Nick Coletti

Coach to Chief Executives and Business Owners

“Words cannot describe the thrill at holding my very own book in my hands. I have always wanted to express my passion for health and wellness in a published book. But wanting a book with my name on it and going through the intimidating process of creating an incredible message are two different things. I could not have done it without Bonnie Budzowski and her team.

Bonnie calls herself a book coach, but she is much more than that. She becomes your confidante and mentor who is just as committed to expressing your message as you are. And maybe even more so, since she has an incredible knack for hearing the powerful message in your bumbling words and helping you discover the most effective way to bring your ideas to life.

Bonnie made the writing pathway clear and gave me the confidence that I could create a compelling story that will touch the lives of my readers. I had a million questions about the writing, editing, and publishing process, and Bonnie’s team guided me through them all.”

Author, Driving Force: How One Woman Rebounded from Life-Altering Injuries and You Can Too

Paula Franetti

Accident/Injury Recovery Coach

“Bonnie Budzowski has helped two of my clients to publish their books and is currently working with three additional clients. The published books would still be early in the writing stage if not for Bonnie’s disciplined approach to her work. She takes the raw material and, using her process, helps the author create a book that is compelling and readable.

Bonnie’s book is testament to her great work, as you will see in many of her examples. Enjoy your journey through this book and you may realize that you have a book in you. You just need someone like Bonnie to bring it out.”

Dick Singer

Master Chair | Best Practice Chair, VISTAGE International

When my business growth coach told me that I should make writing a book a priority, I knew it was time to do what I had wanted to do for years. I knew what I wanted to say, but I still struggled to get the project done. I kept getting interrupted by other pressing business matters. I would never have gotten the project done without Bonnie.

Author, A Man Is Not a Plan

Mary Grace Musuneggi


Bonnie helped me work through a number of potential directions for by book until we hit about the best focus and strategy to meet my goals. The result is a tightly focused book that is multiplying our organization’s message while increasing our national presence and credibility.”

Author, It’s Never Too Late

Dan Dupee

Chairman of the Board, COO

“Working with Bonnie took the pressure off me as an author. Every time we met, I knew I’d sleep well that night, knowing my book was headed in the right direction. With Bonnie as my book coach, I was confident my book would turn out a success. And it did!”

Author, I’m So Sorry for Your Loss. . . 

Lillian Meyers, Ph.D.

Grief Educator and Speaker

“At Image Matterz Consulting, we’ve worked with Gravitas Press on a number of book projects for our executive clients. Bonnie’s team is personable, knowledgeable, strategic…and above all, committed to customer satisfaction and success.”

Author, Meaning: How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity during Times of Opportunity and Crisis

Leslie Rubin

President, Image Matterz Consulting

“Bonnie and her partner, Leslie Rubin, took a collaborative approach to writing. Their skills and guidance on the process, along with their drive, made this book something I’m proud to unveil. Bonnie, in particular, pulled content out of me that I didn’t know was there. She was a great thought partner who contributed both insight and content.”

Author, Refining Your Life D.I.E.T.: Transform How you Look, Feel, and Perform

Sheila Robinson

Founder and CEO, Diversity Woman Media

“I had the privilege of working with the Gravitas Press team on two books. They took me through a process that ensured my content flowed well, was organized well, written well, and kept my target reader (i.e. client or prospect) at the center. Without Gravitas Press, my books would be pretty good. With Gravitas Press, they are outstanding.”

Author, Cure for the Common Leader: What Physicians & Managers Must Do to Engage & Inspire Healthcare Teams

No More Team Drama: Ending the Gossip, Cliques, & Other Crap That Damage Workplace Teams

Joe Mull

Healthcare Leadership Speaker

“I have published two books with the editorial guidance of Bonnie Budzowski. She provided professional feedback and honest redirection when needed, keeping me laser-focused on my core audience and ensuring that my voice as a writer was authentic and clear. After the success of my first book, I decided to try it again, but not without Bonnie’s deft hand for guidance. Both of my books are available on Amazon, Kindle and in an audio version. I can attest, “Do not write your book without Bonnie!”

Author, One Woman’s Camino: Each Step the Promise of a New Beginning
and One Woman in the Himalayas: Not Every Idea is a Good Idea, But You Don’t Know Until You Try

Tracy Pawelski

Crisis Communications Consultant and Professional Speaker

Here’s how I look at the value of my book. I raised the price of my “standard” consulting program by 50%. If I get the same number of engagements as before, I’ve paid for the book project in 12 quarters. If I get an additional engagement that I would not have had otherwise, that alone covers most of the project cost. It’s a very compelling ROI either way (and more likely both ways)! You can quote me on that.”

Author: How Can I Capitalize on Social Media When My Kid Has to Program My DVR?

Dave Nelsen

President, Dialog Consulting Group

“Bonnie Budzowski has encouraged me to think about my story in new ways and challenged me in ways that enable me to grow. She has made me feel uncomfortable in a way that encourages me to grow. As someone who does not always like to do new things but is working hard to meet her personal call to resilience, I appreciate the environment Bonnie creates. It gives just the right amount of push.

Chrissy Myers

CEO, Associated Underwriters Insurance

“As our content strategist and editor, Bonnie Budzowski helped my co-author and I focus on our reader and organize our thoughts for our book, Retooling Leadership Development. Her insight and input led us to a superior book and a publishing path we hadn’t expected. We are very grateful for Bonnie’s professional wisdom and, more importantly, her integrity in thinking about what would be best for us. You can count on us coming to Gravitas Press with future projects so that we can draw on your good thinking and collegial spirit.”

Co-author, Retooling Leadership Development

Richard Citrin

President, Citrin Consulting

“Because of Bonnie Budzowski, we have just had my book project accepted by John Wiley and Sons! I have four other self-published books, but when my co-author and I decided that our next book will be a best-seller (!), we turned to Bonnie to help us strategize, organize the content, and lay out the book proposal. She is a Pro, is incredibly creative and does what she says she will do in a timely manner.”

Co-Author, Anticipate: Knowing What Customers Need Before They Do

Jeff Tobe

Internationally recognized Innovation and Customer Experience Expert

“My book equipped me with something all business owners need, authority and credibility. It’s one thing to claim to be an expert, but when you are introduced to a prospect or audience as an author, the book validates that claim. Bonnie’s expert guidance and support allowed me to write that first book and then two more.”

Author, “Do No Harm” Applies to Nurses Too: Strategies to Protect and Bully-proof Yourself at Work

Renee Thompson


“If you are interested in writing a book, you have to call Bonnie. Not only is she very pleasant and delightful to deal with, she has a process that breaks down the project into manageable pieces, so that it does not feel or seem overwhelming. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, she is fun to work with because we don’t work together, we think together.”

Author, How to Build a Book of Business

Daniel P. Lynch

Founder and Managing Partner, The Lynch Law Group

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