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Is a book project worth my investment?

While every case is different, reasonable expectations for a well-targeted and high quality book include the following:

  • Brand yourself as an expert and distinguish yourself from competitors
  • Attract speaking engagements and potential clients
  • Multiply a message about which you are passionate
  • Increase your income indirectly via increased credibility and visibility
  • Provide yourself with a deep sense of accomplishment and contribution
  • Increase your confidence
  • Leave a legacy

Unreasonable expectations for a nonfiction book include the following:

  • Make money directly on book sales
  • Pursue the belief: “Write the book and readers will come”
  • Find a shortcut or easy road to success
  • Stay in your office while the book gets your message out
I don’t think of myself as a writer. How can I be an author?

Some of our clients want us to do the writing for them.  If this is you, we will interview you, identify your highest value content, organize it, and draft chapters. We’ll adjust the content per your feedback until we accurately express your message in your voice.

In today’s world, people are interested in content that helps them solve their problems or achieve their goals. If you have this kind of content, we can make you an author! It’s an iterative process. Through interviews, we’ll identify your highest value content, organize it, and draft chapters for you. We’ll adjust the content per your feedback until we accurately express your message in your voice.

How long will the book project take?

It’s reasonable to expect your book project to take 12 to 24 months, depending on the book’s complexity and your availability. As a student once told her writing teacher, “You can’t expect to nurture and deliver a baby in a weekend.” Once the manuscript is completed, a number of steps are involved in turning that manuscript into a book. While we perform these steps as efficiently as possible, they do take time.

What will a book project cost?

The price of a book project varies widely, based on the complexity of the book and the amount of support you need. When we begin a project, we spell out the project scope and deliverables so that you know your investment. The price changes only if we both agree to change the scope of the project. No surprises.

What makes Gravitas Press different from other providers?
  • We work exclusively with individuals who are writing a book for business growth or as a legacy. We know this niche inside and out.
  • In our process, we devote time to strategy and planning so that your book hits its target and accomplishes your business and personal goals.
  • We consider ourselves thought partners as well as book coaches, editors, and publisher. We dig in and wrestle with you as you seek to articulate and refine your message.
  • We are a one-stop shop. Because we manage your project, you can focus on generating revenue and serving clients—not the confusing and time-consuming task piecing together multiple providers.
How can I fit a book project into my busy schedule?

You’ll need to make a real commitment, even if we ghost write for you. We write your content in your voice by asking you questions and listening to you. Together, we’ll create a schedule that is realistic with your availability and stick with it. We’ll expect you to do the same. We’ll manage the project and sweat the details so that you don’t have to.

Will you hold me accountable?

Yes! Together, we’ll create schedules and responsibilities. We will serve as your cheerleader and your kick-in-the-pants, as needed.

How do I know what publishing avenue is right for me?

You can choose between traditional publishing, self-publishing, and independent publishing. Here is a quick overview:

Traditional publishing requires submitting a detailed proposal with a competitive analysis and marketing plan. Roughly 3% of proposals are accepted, and the timeline to traditional publishing is very long. If accepted, you give up control of decisions. The publisher assumes the cost to produce the book and provides very minimal marketing support.

Stephen King and Stephen Covey aside, authors of traditionally published books make virtually nothing on royalties. They do not own the rights to their books under the length of the contract with the publisher. Consider traditional publishing if you are in a field that relies on peer review. Otherwise, pursue this path only if you have a clear reason.

Self-publishing is the DIY approach, in which the author either performs all tasks or cobbles together freelancers. The author serves as project manager. This is a pay-for-service model and the one most likely to suffer from poor quality and costly do-overs. There is no quality control in self-publishing because anyone can claim to be an editor or designer.

Independent publishing allows you to produce a high-quality book in which you make the decisions and maintain ownership of your intellectual property and profits. An independent publisher will manage your project and ensure the same quality standards you receive from a traditional publisher. It is a pay-for-service model. Gravitas Press is an independent publisher.

How do I get my book on Amazon/Kindle?

As part of our Executive Package, we will guide you through this process. If you choose, we can add the option of an Audible book to your package.

How do I become a bestselling author?

We can add an Amazon bestselling author campaign to your Executive Package. If you want a wider campaign, we will refer you to appropriate professionals.

When my business growth coach told me that I should make writing a book a priority, I knew it was time to do what I had wanted to do for years. I knew what I wanted to say, but I still struggled to get the project done. I kept getting interrupted by other pressing business matters. I would never have gotten the project done without Bonnie.

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